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Computer Safety In Schools

July 25, 2014

computer-06Since technology plays such a prominent role in our everyday lives, computers and computer applications have become a staple in most classrooms. As teachers create their lesson plans, many utilize Internet resources to help them.  Often times students are encouraged to seek out resources of their own that might help them better understand the material. Although computer technologies prove to have benefits in the classroom, it’s important to realize that there are also risks in using them. Therefore, teachers should implement computer safety rules in their classrooms.

The following are some examples of computer safety rules that teachers can use to ensure that students are using the Internet correctly and safely when they return to school:

  • Never give out your user name and password to others.
  • Don’t share personal information such as your name, address, age or phone number.
  • Do not enter chat rooms or respond to suspicious emails.
  • Only use search engines and websites approved by the teacher.
  • Do not install any additional programs on the computer unless you are told to do so.
  • Always log off once you are finished working.

In addition to following these rules in school, it’s also important for students to know that these rules should be followed outside of the classroom. To make sure students are staying safe on the Internet at home, it’s a great idea to print out a list of your classroom rules and send them home with students so they are reminded of what is and is not appropriate when using the Internet in a different setting.

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