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Tackling Summer School – Tips For Teachers

June 19, 2014

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When the bell rings for the last time, most students skip out of school excitedly since summer vacation is finally in sight.  For most students summer vacation means sleeping late, beach days or summer camp, for others it’s an extension of the school year with summer school classes. When it comes to summer school, it can be difficult for teachers to get in the swing of things since most of their students are stuck in summer mode. However, once you get your students on the same page, you may find that summer school can actually turn into something fun! The following are a few tips you can use as teachers to spice up your summer school experience and make it enjoyable for both you and your students:

1. Create a positive atmosphere: Don’t be surprised if your students seem bored or uninterested at first – after all, we’d all rather be outside after a long year of hard work.  By creating a positive, friendly environment for your students, you increase the likelihood that they will actually want to be there! From the first day, set the impression that coming to class will be a positive experience, and outline activities that students can look forward to throughout the semester.

2. Stay simple: While it’s still school, you don’t need to overwhelm your students with excessive amounts of projects, tests, or even homework! Focus your grading more on attendance and participation, rather than in class and take home assignments. Additionally, don’t try to cover every topic imaginable; remember that you don’t have as much time as you normally would during the year.

3. Respect your students: Usually, the students that participate in summer school are ones who had some difficulty throughout the school year – but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be treated just like every other student. Get to know your class and encourage students throughout the semester rather than making them feel like they are in trouble for needing extra help. This, in turn, will also help create that positive atmosphere you are striving for.

4. Be understanding: Chances are your students didn’t prepare to be in summer school, so be understanding if they have a family vacation planned or need other days off. While you shouldn’t be too lenient about attendance, keep in mind that it is summer after all and things happen.

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