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Science Teacher Tips

May 12, 2014

A particular teaching method that is often successful is that of using hands on activities. Since students are in the classroom for a better part of the day, it’s important to make lessons exciting and give students the opportunity to get up and interact with their classmates. Specifically in science classes, the hands on approach proves to be particularly successful not only in getting students involved, but also in helping students retain information. This is because students have the opportunity to see exactly what they’re being taught come to life right before their eyes. If you’re a science teacher, get students excited about school and learning with these tips:

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1. Get Messy: Experiments are a crucial part of the science curriculum, so don’t be afraid to use them! While some experiments can get messy, what they do for your students will outweigh what it looks like on the surface. Remember, it can always be cleaned up!

2. Field Trips: Depending on what you’re teaching, sometimes a field trip can significantly enhance the learning experience. Research local museums, labs, or organizations to see if your students can benefit from a trip outside the classroom.

3. Look Outside: While field trips are great, don’t forget that you can also use the environment around you to better your lessons. For example, take the class outside to study the clouds, leaves or plants.

4. Technology: In a digital age, using technology is a great way to keep students’ attention. Set aside some time where students can use the Internet to do their own scientific research, or create a class website where students can post their findings after each experiment.

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