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Prom Tips for Teachers

May 14, 2014

For high school seniors, the end of the school year brings one event that they have been waiting for all year long – prom. Though prom is meant to be a celebration of a student’s high school career, one should not look past the safety aspect or forget the importance of keeping students safe throughout the night. In an effort to do so, parents, teachers and school administrators must work together to set guidelines for the night and must inform students about how they can look out for themselves throughout the evening. As the night approaches, it is especially important to remind students about safety, and as teachers or administrators, you must make sure that the location where prom will take place is safe and secure. Though safety is a concern often linked to this once in a lifetime event, it is still supposed to be an exciting night that students will never forget. That’s why we’ve compiled a few tips to make sure that your school’s prom runs smoothly this year:

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1. Talk to Students: Be truthful with your students about the dangers that may be associated with prom and alert them of different safety precautions they can take to avoid unwanted circumstances. Make sure to remind students how they are expected to act and inform them of all rules that will be put in place for the night.

2. Select Chaperones: Gather teachers and school administrators to select a group of chaperones for the evening. Chaperones should be present before, during, and after the event, and should carefully watch students throughout the night to make sure everyone is staying safe. Don’t forget to tell students who the chaperones will be, and reassure students that they can reach chaperones at any point.

3. After-Prom: As a safety measure, many schools host events after prom that are meant to keep students in one location and off of the street. While this can be held at a different location than the prom such as a restaurant or amusement center, administrators often choose to host the after-prom event at the school itself. As an incentive to get students to come and stay until early morning, consider offering raffles and a grand prize that students must be present for in order to claim.

4. Transportation: Although students tend to arrange their own transportation, if your budget calls for it, it is a good idea to come up with a transportation system that is available to bring students home if needed. If this is feasible for your school, make sure all students are aware of it and provide them with a phone number they can call at any time for help.

5. Check In: Another part of staying safe is making sure that the only people who attend the prom are people who are supposed to be there. This can be done by requiring tickets to enter, or consider placing a table at the entrance where students and their dates are required to check in.

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While some schools host their prom at an outside venue, others choose to host it in their very own gym! If you’re hosting your prom within your school, it’s important to make sure your facility is prepared for the night’s events. Here at Nickerson Corporation, we understand the importance of providing students with a comfortable, safe environment in which they can enjoy their time spent in school. That’s why we provide products that can help! To help you get ready to host your school’s prom, we supply products such as portable seating, school locks, and gym dividers that can assist you in keeping students comfortable and safe during their special night. We are also available to provide custom graphics for your bleachers and other equipment to help increase school spirit throughout the night. For more information on how we can help, contact us at 631-666-0200 today!