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Product Spotlight: Hussey Xtreme Logos

May 8, 2014

Capture1Are you looking to personalize a piece of your school? Maybe you’re in the market for custom bleachers or graphics that can be used throughout your gym to maximize school spirit during sporting events. At Nickerson Corporation, we have exactly what you need! Thanks to one of our leading manufacturers, Hussey Seating, we are able to provide custom logos, including mascots, phrases, and more that capture the essence of your school. With the Total Package Graphics Program, we can help you transform your gym to an environment that inspires students, athletes, and guests during any and all events. The following is an outline of products that are available through this one of a kind program:


XtremeLogo places your school’s mascot or logo in the center of your bleacher sections. As a result of a carefully designed process, your logo is guaranteed to stick with no peeling, scuffing, or scratching in the future.

Clarin Portable Sideline Chairs:

Clarin portable chairs offer professional, state of the art logo customization for your court side seats. Graphics can be placed on the seat itself, the seat gusset, or the seat backing. While these seats are generally used during sporting events for colleges and pro teams nationwide, don’t forget that they are portable and are great for any event, such as graduation, where extra seats are needed.


StepSigns are applied to the front of any bleacher aisle steps. Options include full-color and single color printing, and your logo or phrase will be visible whether the bleachers are opened or closed. For this graphic, consider using words that reflect your school’s motto or mission.


Similar to StepSigns, CourtSigns are also printed on bleachers during the manufacturing process. The difference? Rather than being placed along the bottom of each step, CourtSigns are applied to the bottom of the bleachers, otherwise known as the bleacher skirt. Consider using this placement for your school’s name.

CourtSide Graphic Logos:

With CourtSide graphic logos, your school’s logo or mascot can be printed on the end of each seating area. This can be done uniformly or you can request a different graphic for the end of each section.

Media Platform:

By including a media platform on your bleachers, you have the opportunity to include a custom sign that includes your logo, mascot, school name, and spirit message all in the same place. This is great because it is visible to all guests no matter where they sit!

Colored Rails:

To continue the process of customization, your bleacher aisle, front, and end rails can be customized to match the rest of your bleacher design. Options include standard colors or custom colors.

Backrests and Seat Spacers:

To give your guests a more comfortable viewing experience, consider installing backrests within your bleachers. These can be placed anywhere on your bleachers, with or without seat spacers, and can also be customized to match your school’s colors.

Safety End Closure Curtain:

MAXAM bleacher end curtains are designed to prevent access to the area under the bleachers. Not only does this increase safety and security, but it is another way to display your school’s logo and increase school spirit. This design can even be made to take up nearly the entire curtain, which is sure to wow guests as soon as the walk in the room!

Portable Chair Storage Carts:

Forget about hard to manage storage carts; with Clarin chair storage carts, the process of setting up and breaking down becomes easy! With this product, chairs can be stacked or hung to maximize organization and accessibility.

Customizing your gymnasium is a great way to enhance school spirit and excite students and guests about participating in or viewing school events. With school winding down, what better time than now to start preparing for next year? It’s always great to get a head start so use this summer as an opportunity to begin the process of transforming your gym. You won’t believe your students’ reactions next fall! Contact us at 631-666-0200 to get started today!