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Preparing For Spring Sports

March 14, 2014

athletic-equipment-05_thumbAlthough the weather forecast says otherwise, spring is right around the corner and you know what that means – it’s time to prepare for spring sports! For spring athletes this is the greatest time of year, and as coaches, parents and administrators, it’s important to make sure your schools are ready to support the needs of every sport. To ensure a safe and healthy start to your season, follow these tips from the National Athletic Trainers’ Association:

  1. Get Pre-participation Physical Exams: All students should receive a medical exam and orthopedic screening prior to the start of their season. This helps determine their readiness to play and will uncover any issues that could limit participation.
  2. Check Equipment and Playing Field Surfaces: Coaches and athletic trainers should check all equipment and make sure they are up to manufacturer standards before putting them to use. Make sure to walk the field before practice and games to discover potentially dangerous conditions before athletes begin to play. For your convenience, here at Nickerson we are available to perform onsite equipment safety inspections and repairs. Ensuring that your equipment is safe and ready to use is a priority, so contact us with any concerns you may have.
  3. Keep Surfaces, Locker Rooms and Equipment Clean: Cleaning surfaces before and after play helps prevent the spread of skin diseases such as MRSA and ringworm. Also, enforce good hygiene in athletes and make sure they wash their hands, shower, and disinfect any clothes or equipment after every game or practice.
  4. Find Out Who’s Taking Care of the Team: In the case of an injury, make sure there is someone ready to assess it. Most schools rely on athletic trainers or parents with first aid training.
  5. Establish an Emergency Medical Plan: Every team should be equipped with an Emergency Medical Plan that is reviewed by the athletic trainer or other certified individual. Include any emergency equipment needed and individual assignments in the plan to ensure everything runs smoothly if an injury occurs

For a complete list of tips to help you this season, click here.

Besides educating athletes and checking that your school has the proper emergency procedures in place, it is essential for administrators to make sure all of their athletic equipment is up to code.

Here at Nickerson Corporation, we believe that students should have athletic equipment that is durable, innovative and safe, and by partnering with leading manufacturers in the athletic equipment industry, we can create an environment that benefits coaches, athletes, and the fans. We provide a variety of athletic equipment including state of the art digital scoreboards, as well as outdoor grandstands and seating that can maximize the players’ and viewers’ experience at any sporting event.

Begin this year’s sports season with a fresh start; call us today at 631-666-0200 to find out how you can better your school’s athletic program.