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Let Learning Take You Somewhere New: Technology In The Classroom

March 13, 2014

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3D AVRover

In an age where our fingers are constantly sliding across the latest cell phone or tablet, it’s no surprise that teachers are beginning to incorporate various aspects of media into their classroom. In fact, a report by CompIT explains that 78% of K-12 teachers and administrators say that using technology highly benefits students during their time in the classroom. So ask yourself, how are you using technology in your schools? If you’re on the fence about integrating media and technology into your classrooms, here are some of the ways it can help you in the long run:

  1. Technology Leads to Improved Student Performance: Some teachers suggest that emerging technologies have helped students perform better on important tests. In fact, the 3D AVRover system has proven to increase test scores and retention by as much as 33%.
  2. Technology Leads to Increased Student Productivity: 65% of educators feel that technology has caused students to be more productive than they ever were. With the Internet, students can access information easily and more readily, and it provides them with more resources than what is available in the library.
  3. Technology Leads to Better Attendance Rates: Schools that have started to provide students with iPads suggest that they are more enthusiastic about learning and have better overall attendance rates.
  4. Technology Provides Complete Resource Portability: Giving students the proper technology and available web resources makes it easy to complete schoolwork from any location. Essentially, learning is no longer confined to the classroom; now our students can take the classroom with them.
  5. Technology Allows You To Connect With Students More Easily: College students lead the US in Internet use and gadget ownership, and the majority use it as often as they can. Students appreciate when teachers use it in the classroom and will begin to expect them to if they don’t already.

At Nickerson Corporation, we supply the latest digital technology including projection screens, interactive whiteboards, and the 3D AVRover system. The 3D AVRover system provides full 3D capabilities, enabling students to watch lessons involving dissections, chemical reactions, even human anatomy – all in 3D! This state if the art technology leaves a significantly increased impact on students and teachers alike versus reading from a book or notes on a whiteboard.

Using media and technology in the classroom is about to become a crucial part of the learning experience. Are you prepared to make a change? Don’t let your classroom be outdated, call us at 631-666-0200 and see how you too can take part in this new digital experience.