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Our Top 3 Ways to Succeed in Customer Service

May 10, 2013

Nickerson Corporation has been in the business of customer service for over 60 years.  We strive to create strong and lasting relationships with our customers which is all based on how, as a business we implement customer service.  Here are our top three tips:

1.  Build Relationships:

In business today competition is fierce.  There are countless places a potential customer can go with the use of the internet to find products or services they need.  Building relationships and being available to the customer is one great way to edge yourself out of the pack.  Although many customers like the convenience of the internet most appreciate the ability to speak with an actually human being who will be attentive, informative and helpful.  Learn about your customers and talk to them as you would a friend.  Relationships really are the difference between a onetime sale and a long term business relationship.

2.  Listen:

Many companies train their employees to Sell! Sell! Sell! but are they really listening to their customer’s needs?  It is imperative to focus on each individual, making sure you are hearing what they need out of your company and realizing how you can achieve that goal.  Listening is an important skill to possess.  If you aren’t listening carefully you may even miss out on additional opportunities.  Too focused on pushing one product?  You might miss the customer pointing out a needed upgrade in passing.  When you listen, you are able to take those little hints as openings and continue the conversation.

3.  Be Honest:

Honestly is always the best policy.  It is the company’s responsibility to give realistic expectations and set timelines that are both satisfying to the customer and attainable.  In order to keep trust within a business relationship you should always be able to deliver what you originally agreed upon with the customer.  It is never OK to agree upon terms that you know cannot be met.  Instead, give the customer options.  For example if a customer wants to order items with a custom finish that you know will not be ready for their desired delivery date suggest they go with a product that’s already in stock and has a similar finish.  This way you avoid promising a product that may not be available on deadline and foster an honest relationship which will be appreciated.