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Color in the Classroom

March 28, 2013

Spring is finally here after months of cold and dreary days!  On the east coast winter seems to last forever so when spring finally arrives it’s something to be celebrated.  We not only see bright displays in clothing and grocery stores we can now see bright spring colors in classroom furniture.  Take Columbia Manufacturing Inc.’s Omnia Series for example.  The series comes in 12 standard colors  that are anything but traditional.  These colors include; Grape, Caribbean Blue and Jazzberry just to name a few.  Many studies have been completed on the effects of color in the classroom.  Color variety reduces boredom and increases interest within students of all ages.  Colors should be incorporated throughout classrooms, libraries, gymnasiums, etc. in order to change the mood of the room.  According to Color in an Optimum Learning Environmentcolor can alter perception of time, increase school pride, reduce disruptive behavior and aggression, reduce vandalism, reduce absenteeism, and provide a supportive background for the activities being performed.”  At Nickerson we are fortunate enough to partner with 50+ manufacturers who recognize the value of color and what it can do for a student.  Here, we truly believe in furnishing a child’s education.


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