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Recovering after Hurricane Sandy

November 13, 2012

Hurricane Sandy has affected all of us at Nickerson and Nickerson New Jersey.  Many Nickerson Families were without power and with damaged homes, worried about love ones, and are dealing with trying to get back to their normal routines. We are very fortunate that our corporate office in Bay Shore, NY didn’t sustain any structural damage and was only without power for a few days.  We have been fully operational since Thursday, November 1st.  The surrounding areas by our Union Beach and Keyport offices were not as fortunate.  Entire industrial as well as residential areas were wiped out.  Again, we were extremely fortunate to have not sustained any structural damage or flooding to either of our locations.  Our New Jersey offices were able to avoid damage due to the fact that both were on knolls and hills that were slightly elevated from the street level.Though we have suffered losses we consider ourselves lucky for having jobs to go back to after the storm and knowing that our company is going to make it through.  We realize that many others are not as fortunate and take seriously the extent of damages caused.

It is our goal to give back to our communities affected as much as possible.  At this time we are working with The New York Charter Schools Association who has reached out us and asked that we contribute to their drive.  These donations will go to students and their families who have been displaced, are without adequate shelter and warmth, and are in need.  Nickerson will also be matching monetary donations from our employees to organizations like the Red Cross.

Please be in touch if you are in need of any of these items; Classroom furniture, Office furniture, Library furniture, Athletic Equipment, Gym flooring, Cafeteria furniture, Seating, Bleachers, Folding Tables and Chairs, Science Labs, Cabinets, Lockers, Marker boards, Playground equipment.  We would like to assist in any way possible.

Mike’s Subs which is directly across the street from our Keyport, NJ office.
Destruction on the street our Union Beach, NJ office is located.

Update: 1-31-13

I am happy to announce that Nickerson employees have raised a total of $3,625.00 to help aid in the relief efforts of Hurricane Sandy.  Management matched this amount and made an additional donation to United Way of Long Island’s  “Operation Rebuild” in the amount of $3,625.00!  We are thankful to have the ability to assist our community in this time of need.

Nickerson - United Way