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Technology & Training Go Hand-In-Hand

September 17, 2012

My sister had a BBQ yesterday and my 13 year old niece was telling me how ‘cool’ it was that her middle school gave each student an iPad the first day of school.  She explained that her everyday tasks would now be completed on the iPad including; notes, homework and questions.  Essentially paper, pens and other school supplies will become obsolete.  This is a not a fancy private school she attends but a regular public middle school on Long Island!  The topic of her new iPad dominated the conversation; she and her friends couldn’t stop talking about it.  She told me that all of the students were extremely thrilled although a few of the teachers were scared because now they too would have to use an iPad for everything.

On the drive home I thought about our business and how technology is driving not only what we sell, but how we sell it and also service it.  My niece now has no choice but to use the iPad for every aspect of her education, very much like how we now have no choice but to use technology in every aspect of our business.  From creating simple proposal drawings online for our gym bleacher manufacturer Hussey, to getting quotes, documents and shop drawings it’s all done electronically.  Technology is constantly changing the business world as we know it.  New technologies can open doors and expand businesses like never before however technology can only be as good as the people using it.   Picking out and using the right hardware and software is important but training is critical to successful implementation.

It is understandable that my niece’s teachers would be a bit fearful or resistant to the new iPads.  I have read article after article on school districts that are given new expensive technology systems and I always wonder, whose training these teachers?  Giving someone tools without proper training does no good.  The key is making sure that teachers know how to integrate the tools and technologies into their classes.

At Nickerson we strive to embrace new technologies and train our employees accordingly.  We realize that though there is a learning curve, knowledge and understanding within our employees is an essential duty we must fulfill in order to pass on great service to customers.

-Stephanie Keller, President