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Adding Value While Stretching Dollars

July 3, 2012

I was recently reading through Hussey’s blog and found two posts that caught my eye.  The first, titled Four Ways to Stretch your School Construction Dollar and the second, Adding Value.  Four Ways to Stretch your School Construction Dollar discussed a trend in school design and construction with movement towards creating large common spaces into multi-use rooms.  According to Hussey’s blog “The intent is to increase the utilization of these dedicated spaces and reduce the overall footprint of the school, thereby decreasing construction costs.”  Adding Value explored how one of Hussey’s dealers is not just selling gym bleachers, but adding value to the customer by really knowing the end user’s needs.

Nickerson Corporation combines these two concepts of increasing school utilization and adding value to our customers by being a distributor of Palmer Hamilton products.  Palmer Hamilton is the leader in innovative cafeteria solutions for K-12 schools.  Food Courts are a proven way to keep students and faculty on campus, which means increased revenue for your school!  Food Courts provide a comfortable place for students to interact and socialize while enjoying a variety of different foods.  It has been researched that Food Courts not only bring in additional revenue but normally pay for themselves within 2 years of implementation.  It’s a great way to add value to the students and school and also allows construction dollars to give back.  For more information on Food Courts visit Palmer Hamilton.

-Stephanie Keller, President