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Pay it Forward

June 5, 2012

I had the opportunity to hear Corey Booker, the mayor on Newark speak recently.  Besides being a very smart and caring man he is extremely witty.   But one thing he said really shot direct to my heart he said to “Metastasis Your Blessing”.

We have all heard it before- “count your blessings” and yes we should all count our blessing but to metastasis blessing is a whole other idea.  What he was saying is like the movie ‘Pay it Forward’  with Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey that not only should we be grateful for all the good things that happen in our lives but to take it a step further and share those blessing with others.   If we were fortunate in our lives to have been blessed with money, while not share that with an economically challenged student and give them the opportunity to get an education that we all inspire to- or if you are a science teacher why not stay a few extra hours per week to help a struggling student with the laws of physics.

He gave an example of his father’s community that showed support and determinations when he needed money to go to school or when in the 60’s his father was trying to buy a house in Harrington Park , a white suburb of Newark and  he was getting turned down due to the color of his skin.  Bookers called such acts of kindness and support a ‘conspiracy of love’.  All people and communities; let it be a school, a town, a city, or even a country should abide by the ‘conspiracy of love’ philosophy and help each other out in times of need and support each individual to be the best that they be.

Of course it is much easier said than done especially on a grand scale- but wouldn’t it be nice if we all not only gave thanks for all the wonderful things in our lives but to ‘pay it forward’ and help a struggling student with their homework, assist an elderly person in daily chores, or pay for coffee to our serving military.  One person can make a difference in some one’s lives, bring a smile to child’s face, and help educate our next generation.

-Stephanie Keller, President