Having proper security is vital in a school building. Nickerson works with institutions throughout New York and New Jersey to enhance their current lock systems. From locks on school lockers, to classroom door locks, to locks for rooms storing expensive items such as musical instruments and gym equipment – we can help you find the best hardware.  At Nickerson, we will even work with your existing lockers to upgrade the locks to a newer, safer option, providing you an affordable solution.

Manufacturers include:

  • Shiffler  Shiffler’s Safety & Security line offers a vast amount of products from a variety of manufacturers. They select only the finest equipment, including intruder lever sets for doors and lockable storage for science equipment. Our clients take comfort in Shiffler’s belief that nothing is more important than protecting the people at your school.
  • Master Lock – Master Lock has been a leader in the lock and security industry since their inception in 1921. They are well known for their innovation, quality, and value. Master Lock has an entire product line dedicated to school and institutional locks. This line includes items such as built-in combination and keyed locks, portable combination locks, and ADA-compliant locks.


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