School lockers need to be durable, secure, well ventilated and full of school spirit.  We have teamed up with major players in the school locker industry who through years of experience have come up with the best and most flexible school locker systems in the country.  Providing locker solutions throughout the New York and New Jersey area we can offer you plans and layouts for a whole new school locker order or reconfigure your current lockers to better fit your school’s needs.  Examples of school lockers that are available include; corridor lockers for hallways, gym lockers for sports locker rooms and music lockers to secure music room equipment.

Manufacturers include:

Art Metal Products –  Art Metal Lockers is prepared to meet the demand of today’s market while doing their part to help improve the environment.  A variety of materials are available to create and configure lockers that will fit your needs including; metal, plastic, phenolic and wood.  Delivery wait times are reduced with the help of four national distributions centers.

List Industries Inc. – List Industries Inc. is the manufacturer of Superior Lockers which has been setting the standard for lockers since 1936.  It provides almost unlimited options for locker manufacturing and configurations that are sure to meet your facility’s needs.  Lockers are available in many different materials including; wood, plastic and metal.  Whether you need athletic lockers, school and corridor lockers, emergency response lockers, corrosion resistant locker or anything in between, List Industries has you covered.


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