Lecture Room Seating

Lecture Room Seating

Nickerson Corporation feels that designing efficient lecture room seating directly correlates with student success. We aren’t just selling school furniture across New York and New Jersey; we are helping schools build innovative lecture rooms that inspire students to learn. Similar to auditorium seating, lecture room seating not only needs to be comfortable, but it should also maximize the number of available seats within the space while ensuring that every student will have a clear view to the front of the room. We offer unique product lines that contain outlets for charging of student devices.  We work with leading classroom furniture manufacturers that can make this blend of comfort, functionality, and efficiency become a reality in your lecture room.

Manufacturers include:

  • HusseyFor over 175 years, Hussey has offered a premier selection of seating solutions.  Hussey’s stylish and comfortable seats can handle many applications. You can trust that Hussey seating products are made out of the most resilient materials that will pass the durability test every time.
  • Clarin Clarin by Hussey Seating is a line of portable seating that allows you to have complete freedom in arranging your lecture room. Clarin’s high-quality seating products are flexible, customizable and their colors stay brilliant year after year.


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