Nickerson Corporation provides a variety of bleachers for schools and municipalities to the New York and New Jersey area, specializing in new bleacher installation and refurbishments for both indoor and outdoor spaces.  Our ability to match any school color scheme ensures school spirit is present throughout your sporting space.  Our manufacturers use resilient materials that sustain color and hold up to excited fans in the stands.  Customization is always an option from side rail covers to school initials throughout your seating arrangement. We also carry a brand new bleacher system that features an individual wireless operating mechanism.

Manufacturers include:

Hussey Seating Company – Hussey offers a wide variety of the industry’s top bleacher seating solutions.  Full bleacher systems can be used to seat large crowds or just extend one bleacher to maximize floor space when needed.  Hussey boasts the best warranty in the seating business guaranteeing safety and performance to your spectators.


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