Auditorium and Fixed Seating

Nickerson Corporation offers a variety of auditorium seating for theaters and educational facilities to the New York and New Jersey area. Our theater and auditorium seating give guests the utmost comfort while watching a performance.  Many options are available including seating with sound absorption so shows aren’t interrupted by patron movement. Educational options include multifunctional auditorium seating with tablet arms and electrical outlets ensuring student comfort and convenience while learning.  Have an auditorium that just needs to be refurbished?  We do repairs and refurbishments too!

Manufacturers include:

  • Hussey Seating Company – Hussey Seating Company offers many fixed seating solutions for Auditoriums, Lecture Halls, School Theaters and Performing Arts Centers.  Its Quattro line is fashionable and functional with the ability to tailor fit to your venue.  Hussey Seating Company’s products stand up to wear and tear while meeting vigorous standards and are always backed by the industry’s best warranty.
  • Baker Road Seating – Baker Road Seating has over 85 years of fixed audience seating restoration experience.  It prides itself in the successful completion of hundreds of projects on time and within budget.  Decade year old seats will look brand new while still maintaining the integrity and character of their original design.
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