Suffolk Theater

Project: Suffolk Theater
Location: Riverhead, New York
Completion: March 2013
Description: Dining Tables and Chairs


  • Palmer Hamilton Sync Tables
  • National Public Seating Chairs

Summary:  Nickerson Corporation was excited to be a part of the Suffolk Theater restoration project. Our role was to furnish the dining area with light weight tables and chairs that are easily moved, stored and rearranged based on the needs of each show. Palmer Hamilton Synch Tables were the perfect choice for this theater. They needed a light weight table that was very attractive, could store compactly and give them the ability of rearranging the facility very quickly and easily.   These tables do just that.  National Public Seating chairs are stacking, attractive, and comfortable for a very competitive price.  The traditional look of these tables and chairs helped bring this landmark up to date while keeping the feel of the original décor.

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