St. Dominic High School Science and Technology Building

Project: St. Dominic High School Science and Technology Building
Location: Oyster Bay, New York
Completion: February 2012
Description: Science Lab and Prep Rooms
Article: American School and University


  • CampbellRhea Casework

Summary: The St. Dominic High School’s science and technology center was an old convent residence before its large renovation in 2012.  Once renovations were completed Nickerson was able to work with the architect and construction manager to furnish six new labs and supporting prep rooms.  All casework was manufactured by CampbellRhea in environmentally friendly bamboo with matching veneers and tight reveals on the doors and drawer fronts.

These labs are not only made from environmentally friendly materials but also are space conscious with lab tables specially shaped to transfer seamlessly from lab to lecture while students stay at the same table.  This solved the school’s issue of not having enough square footage for separate lab and lecture space.



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