M.S. 223 X Library

Project: M.S. 223 Library
Location: Bronx, New York
Completion: April 2013
Description: New Library Installation
Article:  DNAinfo.com


  • Worden
  • Diametron Tables
  • TJ Series Wood Chairs
  • American Classic Lounge Chairs with Tablets

Summary:  M.S. 223 X was able to modernize a very outdated library led by Principal Ramon Gonzalez who had great vision for a new cutting edge library/ media center. The school was given a grant to reconstruct the outdated library and Nickerson was able to be part of the process in the early stages when finishes were being selected by the project team. Working closely with the general contractor and project team, Nickerson installed Worden library furniture which blended perfectly with the bamboo floor, wall and ceiling finishes. The end result was a library/media center the community can be very proud of.  This design and product combination will stimulate student learning for years to come.

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