Fort Drum

Project: US Army base at Fort Drum
Location: Fort Drum, NY
Completion: September 2014
Description: Custom traveling bleacher

Scope: Hussey Seating Company

Summary:  Fort Drum came to us looking to replace their existing bleachers which were outdated and operating poorly. They had a specific need for a portable bleacher that could be stored underneath the 2nd floor running track when not in use.  The bleacher also had to have the ability to travel forward approximately 40 feet to where it would be setup on the main court at game time. We presented them with the MAXAM Custom Traveling Bleacher by Hussey Seating. Their custom traveling bleacher saves a significant amount of labor and setup time required of individual portable sections and it also eliminates inconvenient section gaps. The installation needed to be done during a 2 week period.  Nickerson followed the strict timeline and actually was able to complete the job 3 days earlier than scheduled.  We were glad to be a part of this unique job.

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