Academy Charter Middle School

Project: Academy Charter Middle School
Location: Hempstead, NY
Completion: September 2014
Description: Classroom furniture, school lockers, science furniture, food court, library, art room.  Gym equipment and bleacher to follow.


Classroom furniture – Columbia
Classroom Cabinets – LSI Corporation
School lockers – List Industries
Science furniture & art room – CampbellRhea
Food court – Palmer Hamilton
Library – Worden
Gym equipment – Draper
Bleacher – Hussey Seating

Summary:  Academy Charter started with a K-5 program approximately three years ago.  Nickerson was involved in designing and supplying all classroom furniture, storage casework, library, cafeteria, lockers and athletic equipment.  Three years later Academy Charter has opened a brand new 20+ classroom middle school.  Since Academy Charter was so impressed with our work on their K-5 they called us very early in the planning process for their new middle school project to help with design and budget.  The building was originally a New York state office building being converted into a school.  Being involved with this project from the very beginning made for a smooth transition during the installation process since all parties were aware of what was being supplied and installed way in advance.  Even with an extremely compacted delivery and installation schedule all equipment was installed on time and ready for school opening.

Science Lab Science Lab NY Art Room Art Room Sink Station Library - Media Center Library Lounge Classroom Furniture Classroom Furniture NY Food Court Cafeteria Furniture NY School Lockers Security Desk