How to Maintain a Safe Office

September 1, 2017

A safe workplace is a happy workplace, and many office injuries are ones that could have easily been avoided. Whether it’s the proper equipment or the perfect layout, designing your space with safety in mind is one of the top ways you can ensure you have a productive and happy staff. So if you are looking for the best setup for you and your employees, here just a few of the ways you could work to maintain a safe office space:

Keep Clutter Low

A cluttered office is not only a distraction, it’s also a safety hazard. Keep walkways clear of boxes and all paperwork well organized in their proper file cabinets. Keep wires under rugs and visible, all chairs pushed in and be sure to leave walkways clear. Lacking space? Encouraging your employees to go paperless can alleviate the need for excess filing cabinets. If you can’t avoid the paperwork, just be sure to keep the filing cabinets stacked properly and the drawers shut.

Adjustable is a Most

Employees come in all shapes and sizes and so should their desks! Offering adjustable tables, chairs and computers will allow your employees to find a happy setup that best suits their height and comfort needs. Though proper equipment might be pricey — the health and comfort benefits will indeed pay off.

Proper Training

Though you might be providing your employees with the best work equipment around — they might not know how to utilize it fully. A quick ‘how to’ will allow employees to know the best way to use and adjust their chairs and desks so that they aren’t doing further damage. Posture plays a big part, and a good chair only works if it’s properly adjusted to do so.

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