How to Ease Your Child’s Back to School Nerves

September 1, 2017

As school begins to kick in so can your child’s nerves. Though it can be an exciting time to catch up with friends and get back into a routine, that change in schedule can be a shock to your child and often a little nerve-inducing. To help your kid have a smooth transition back into their fall routine, here are a few way you can help ease their back-to-school nerves:

Anticipate Anxiety

The first couple of days back can be a bit overwhelming and scary, especially if your child is in a new school. One way to keep their fears at bay is by preparing them before they go back. If your child is in a new school, discuss with them what their day will pertain and take them on a dry run beforehand. Knowing where they are going and what to expect can make the first day more enjoyable and a lot less scary.

Keep Calm Yourself

Children aren’t the only ones who feel the back-to-school jitters, parents often feel them too! If you are stressing about your child’s return to school or the busy day-to-day schedule, chances are your child can sense it. Take the stress and turn it into a positive. Make it an exciting event and talk about it with joy, so your child gets excited and ready to head back to the classroom!

Ease The Schedule

One of the toughest parts of the transitions is the change in schedule. With long summer nights come extended bedtimes and getting used to the early mornings and nights can leave your child yawning in the middle of class. To avoid a disrupt, start enforcing a bedtime and get your kids ready for bed earlier each night and try to keep them from oversleeping.

Spend One-on-One Time Together

Summer can fly by so try and soak up every last bit you can. Have a one-on-one day and do some of your favorite activities together. Quality time can get your child ready to start their new school adventure.

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