First Day of School Activities That are Student Approved

September 1, 2017

The first day of school can be filled with excitement, nerves and sometimes fear for both the students and teachers. If you’re a teacher looking to make your first day as memorable for your kids as possible — why not add in some creative and fun experiences? It will help calm the nerves and give your students the chance to fully get to know each other. So to start your school year off with a bang, consider these kid-approved first day activities:

About Me Bio

The first day can be overwhelming for some — so break the ice! Ask your students to write a mini bio about themselves and have them present it in front of the class. Let them do it in any format they want, like a PowerPoint, foam board, or song — whatever best suits them. Have them present it the last day of the week to the class. They’ll love the freedom, and they’ll get to learn a bit about each other too.

Read Together

No matter what the age group of your class is, this one’s an excellent way to keep kids excited to start the day. Pick a book the first day and read a bit of it each morning. You can let the kids vote on a few books that tie into your lesson plans. As the students arrive; read a chapter a day and let kids briefly discuss what they think will happen next. Don’t forget to discuss how this ties into your daily lessons.

Time Capsules

A lot can happen in a year, so why not take some time to reflect on that? Ask each student to bring in shipping bags with their address and a stamp that their time capsules can go in. Allow your students to come up with their designs and have them put in some of their favorite things. Ask them to write a letter to their future self too and seal it. On the last day of school, mail them out along with a message from you. It will be a nice way to start and end the year and for you and your students to see how much they’ve grown.

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