What to Consider When Setting Up Your Classroom

August 29, 2017

It’s that time of year again — time to get your classroom ready. Whether it’s your first year teaching or your twenty-fifth, setting up your room plays a big part in how your class will run. So if you are looking to arrange your existing classroom or are creating a new, here are the top things you should keep in mind:

Do it With a Purpose

The first thing you’ll want to think of is what you want to accomplish this year. Knowing how you want your class interactions to go will be the first step in finding the perfect layout. Whether you prefer a “U” shape, desk in sets of 4, or traditional rows —  it all has to make sense with how you teach.

Think Space and Size

Whatever your teaching style is, you’ll want your classroom to reflect that. For a class that is based on a discussion, you’ll want to set up the desks so that each student can easily see you. If there will be more team based activities or small groups, you can pair desks in sets of four facing each other — just make sure your classroom layout matches the activities you’ll be doing and gives you enough space to move around the classroom freely.

Keep Your Supplies Within Reach

If you are a technologically advanced classroom, keep wires and outlets readily available to avoid delays. Add supply stations to avoid lines, and keep frequently used supplies easy to grab. Keeping things labeled and in reach will give you more time to teach!

Try Designated Areas

One way to keep kids interested throughout the day is by creating learning stations. You could setup a reading or spelling area, whatever fits your course load. By setting up stations, you are allowing your students to get a change of scenery, which can help keep them motivated and willing to learn!


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