Family Friendly Labor Day Activities

August 29, 2017

Summer is finally wrapping up and though it might seem like it came and went, there’s still some time to soak up the fun. If you and your family are about to get a whirlwind of school schedules, sports, and after school activities, why not make this labor day one that counts? So if you are looking for a way to celebrate your weekend, here are just 5 of the many family fun ideas you can do to enjoy every last bit of summer before it’s gone:

Have a Picnic

When’s the last time you and your family had a meal together, let alone one outdoors? A picnic is a perfect way to get some quality time with your family before the hustle and bustle of school begins. Go to your local park or just put a blanket on your front lawn — either way, it’s an excellent way to get some quality family time!

Do Your Favorite Summer Event

Get one last beach day in, go kayaking or just go for a hike! There are so many beautiful sites you can see before your family is back in the classroom. Soak up every bit of summer by having a “goodbye summer” day doing all your favorite things! It will make the transition that much easier.

See a Baseball Game

Have a family full of sports fans? Then why not hit the ball field? If you can’t make it to a major league game, there are plenty of local or minor league games that are affordable and fun! Enjoy the air, get some popcorn, and root for your favorite team under the stars.

Pizza and Movie Night

As school starts so does the homework, sports, and family craziness so why not take the time to enjoy the down time? Order a pizza and rent a movie — you can even invite over the neighborhood kids and make it a party; whatever your style is, just make sure it’s relaxing and low key!

Start the Learning Early

There are plenty of fun summer activities that can also be educational! Whether you hit the museum or go to the zoo, you can kick-start your families learning while still having fun. Just make sure you discuss what you learned on the car ride home.

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