The Benefits of Teams Sports in Honor of Tug-of-War Day

August 25, 2017

Picture it: You walk into the gym, and you see that thick braided rope spread out across the gym floor, and instantly you know — it’s tug-of-war day! More than just a gym class activity, tug-of-war is a competitive sport that has an ancient history, and was once in the Olympics! Since Sunday marks Tug-of-War Day, why not discuss the benefits of modern day team sports? So if you or your child are thinking of taking on a team sport, here are all the reasons why you should:

It Increases Physical Activity

One of the biggest benefits of being part of a team is the physical activity involved. With technology increasing, it’s might seem effortless for us to stay indoors and spend our time on our cell phones but being part of a sports team will get you off the couch and moving! Whether it’s low impact or high — it’s still an excellent way to keep your health in check.

You’ll Learn to Work as a Team

Being part of team sport requires sportsmanship and patience. A successful team must learn to work together. Team sports brings people from all areas together and joins them by one common bond; because of this, you’ll be exposed to different cultures and personalities. Making it crucial that there is empathy, respect and clear communications between players.

It Requires Time Management

Between school, homework, and sports — time management is critical. It requires the skills to prioritize and plan out your day. Beyond time management, team sports have been known to help improve grades too. Physical activity is great for your mental health and self-esteem, which can give a student that extra push to apply themselves.

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