Indoor Gym Activities For the Winter

January 31, 2017

When it comes to the winter months, it’s no surprise PE teachers can sometimes have a hard time coming up with new and creative games for students to play inside the gym. Whether it’s raining, snowing or just too cold to go outside, here are a few games that will get kids up and moving… Read More.

Top Environmental Websites for Students (Grade k-9)

January 30, 2017

The temperature may read 20 degrees outside, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t still explore the world around them. Interactive websites are a fun way way to teach kids about environmental issues, as well as ways to help improve our planet. If the cold weather has got you and your kids stuck inside, here are… Read More.

How to Start an Environmental Club at Your School

January 30, 2017

As more and more younger people are becoming environmentally conscious, many schools already have clubs dedicated to environmental protection and awareness – but some still do not. Starting an environmental club is a great way to spend time with friends after school, boost your resume and help raise awareness about important environmental issues. If you’re… Read More.

Top 7 Eco-friendly School Supplies for the New Year

January 23, 2017

We’ve officially reached the halfway point in school! And for most parents, it’s no surprise that by this time of the year pencils have disappeared, markers have run dry and notebooks are all used up. If it’s time to make a second trip for school supplies, think about switching to these eco-friendly options. TreeSmarts Pencils:… Read More.

6 Ways to Celebrate National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

January 23, 2017

It seems all too often that people say they can’t draw because they don’t know how to. Even if you’re not a pro, the benefits of creating and learning about art are open to everyone. January 31st is National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day, so take a moment to encourage your students or kids… Read More.

Celebrating the Chinese New Year in the Classroom

January 19, 2017

Happy New Year…again! January 28th is the first day of the Chinese New Year. This colorful festival traditionally begins on the first day of the Chinese calendar and ends on February 15th. Over the past decade, Chinese New Year has spanned far beyond China to become a global phenomenon. If you’re trying to get your… Read More.

5 Creative Ways to Celebrate National Handwriting Day

January 19, 2017

It’s no surprise that most four-year-olds can use an iPhone as well as any teenager. But while kids are learning how to use computers younger and younger, teachers are noticing their fine motor skills steadily decrease.  As January 23rd brings National Handwriting Day into attention, dedicate a few minutes of class to making writing by… Read More.

6 Ways to Improve Your Classroom Management

January 5, 2017

Every teacher knows the hardest part of teaching isn’t the curriculum , it’s keeping the class engaged and well-behaved. This can be especially difficult  during the winter when kids are cooped up in the classroom all day. If you’re trying to work on your classroom management in the New Year, here are a few tips… Read More.